4 Resume Tips to Consider Before You Press Send

May 31 , 2023

Your resume creates a compelling portrait of your previous work experiences, skills, and accomplishments. In addition, it helps recruiters and hiring managers pinpoint your strengths, seniority level, and industry expertise. The question is, how do you define your life’s work and achievements on...

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How to Ace Your Phone Interview

January 08 , 2019

Hiring managers are more often opting to start the interview process over the phone in interest of saving time and resources. Some even choose to hire a candidate based solely on a phone screen. Although efficient, these interviews can sometimes put a candidate at a disadvantage because they don’t...

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Hospitality Open House

November 06 , 2018

The Hospitality Division of Solomon Page will be hosting an Open House tomorrow at our New York Office/Corporate Headquarters.

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Hospitality Open House

June 22 , 2018

The Hospitality Division of Solomon Page will be hosting a series of Open Houses for positions at a newly renovated hotel.

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New York City Applicants Have One Less Thing to Worry About

October 31 , 2017

Today, New York City becomes the first city in the United States to prohibit employers from inquiring about job seekers’ and job applicants’ salary histories. Signed into law earlier this year, New York joins a handful of other cities and states (among them California, Massachusetts, Oregon,...

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You're Invited: Legal Services Candidate Open House

May 04 , 2017


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Why Freelancing Will Be Part of Nearly Everyone's Future

April 25 , 2017

Whether you're hiring or getting hired, plenty of evidence points to a future workforce which looks much different than it does today.

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Business Insider - Wall Street Hiring Trends

April 24 , 2017

Business Insider spoke with six Wall Street recruiters to uncover today's hottest trends in hiring. Among those interviewed was Alexis DuFresne, a Managing Director of the Financial Services division at Solomon Page. Below, you'll find an excerpt from the article.

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Wagner College Q&A with Gregg Gavioli

April 07 , 2017

Wagner College invited Gregg Gavioli, Managing Director of the Accounting & Finance division at Solomon Page, to speak to their top 5% of business students, known as "Selects," at a round table event. The discussion covered the job market, networking, and the finance industry and provided upcoming...

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Thought Leadership: Q1 2017 Marketing & Investor Relations Search Update

February 13 , 2017

In the link below, please find our 2017 Q1 Thought Leadership piece, a reflection on the 2016 marketing landscape.

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