4 Resume Tips to Consider Before You Press Send

May 31, 2023

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Your resume creates a compelling portrait of your previous work experiences, skills, and accomplishments. In addition, it helps recruiters and hiring managers pinpoint your strengths, seniority level, and industry expertise. The question is, how do you define your life’s work and achievements on one page? The following guide includes tips from Solomon Page recruiters on how to update and adjust your resume when preparing for a new job search. An up-to-date resume serves you. Clearly define how you want to be perceived through precise words, proper grammar, and design. Be patient and take time to regularly update your resume to reflect your recent roles, education, and achievements. The first draft is never perfect, so ask others to review your resume as well. Their insight can help you better understand how recruiters and hiring managers will interpret who you are and how you can fit within an organization. Whether you are a novice to resume writing or looking to continue your career journey, there are plenty of tips and tricks to consider before you press send.

To download and read the top four tips from Solomon Page recruiters, click here: Download Resume Tips.

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