Are You A Hill-Finder Or A Hill-Taker?

January 30 , 2014

It's always exciting to hire someone who's talented and a good culture fit. But in my experience, it's easy to conflate that exciting person person's skill (and, importantly, passion) in planning and strategizing with his or her ability to execute an established mission. Especially from just a...

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Four Principles to Inspire Innovation

January 27 , 2014

When I think about the past, present and future of the aerospace industry, I keep coming back to innovation as the common thread. And while we all know about the great innovations of the past, the crucial question to answer for tomorrow is: How do we inspire continued innovation into the future?

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Don't Be A Robot

January 23 , 2014

Have you gone a little too rigid? The formalities of the professional world may leave you stuck in a web of thoughtlessness.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

January 21 , 2014

Many of the smartest people I have known have listened more than they spoke. And many of the strongest people I have known, freely enlist the help of many around them rather than going their difficulties on their own.

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9 Reasons Why You Must Update Your LinkedIn Profile Today

January 16 , 2014

Over the past decade, LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding tool. It has never been more important to build and maintain a stellar LinkedIn profile. The virtual professional network has morphed from an online resume and networking site to a comprehensive personal branding resource....

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To Understand Leadership, Study "Followership"

January 13 , 2014

I was at a conference with 50 or so chief learning officers last week and we had a number of discussions about leadership.

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The Joy of Risk

January 09 , 2014

One American military leader, already having lost most of his many battles, persisted in driving his troops to attack in situations that everyone else regarded as lost causes. A leader destined to go down in history as a failure? Hardly. It was George Washington.

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Know Yourself – Or Else

January 06 , 2014

How well do you know yourself?

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Generosity: The Key to Getting Ahead

January 02 , 2014

Have you ever worked for a jerk? How about a boss you loved, respected, admired? Who did you perform better for?

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