WWD EXCLUSIVE: Solomon Page Acquires E.A. Hughes & Co.

January 28 , 2019

The deal bolsters Solomon Page's position in retail and fashion c-suite searches.

As seen in WWD.

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7 Tips to Rebrand Yourself for an Industry Switch

July 26 , 2018

Ready for a career change, but worried you don’t have the experience or skills to land a job in your desired field? Filling your resume with your previous work experience that has no similarity to the job you’re applying for is likely to land your resume in the trash can. But that doesn’t mean...

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Build A Network: 5 Tips For Small Talk With Senior Colleagues

November 23 , 2015

Connecting with colleagues at work is among the best things you can do to improve your effectiveness in the workplace. And while it’s easy to lean over to Amy in the next cubicle and ask her how her weekend went, when it comes to a more senior colleague in the corner office, the idea of starting a...

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Boosting Your Credibility in the Workplace

March 19 , 2015

If you want to be successful in your workplace, you need to have a balance between credibility and competence. Getting ahead essentially means being able to show that not only are you capable of doing your job, you also have the skills to level up.

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How NOT to Introduce Yourself

December 15 , 2014

Networking is one of the most challenging skills you may have to learn in the world of business. It can be an awkward experience, having the attention of a group of strangers focused on you, and trying to make a good first impression.

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If You Could Choose Your Title, What Would It Be?

November 24 , 2014

Superman, Spiderman, Batman—they’re all superheroes but these three have one other great thing in common: they chose their own titles. These self-reflective titles give us insight on who they are—one is a teenager accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider, another is a grown man haunted by...

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Self-Promotion: The Key to Getting Ahead

October 16 , 2014

People love their causes…those things you believe in so strongly that you’ll passionately advocate for them. My heartfelt cause is my son, who has autism. When he was growing up, I'd move mountains to get him the best treatment and care possible. I wouldn't think twice to ask for an appointment, a...

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Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself: 4 Mistakes to Avoid at Work

September 25 , 2014

In the world we live in today – family, work and school may only be among the few things that occupy our minds on a daily basis. From the moment we wake up in the morning down to the last second before going to sleep, it is not uncommon for our actively thinking minds to never catch a break....

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How to Own Your Talent, Ambition, and Success

June 19 , 2014

You need to own your – fill in the blanks: success, authority, confidence, power, compassion, status, role, product, influence, etcetera. Yet every time you hear someone use the idea of owning something – your talent, skill, ambition, commitment – they always say it as though what you need to “own”...

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How Influential Are You? Measure It!

February 20 , 2014

It's simple, influence matters. It matters in your job and your private life. In fact, influence is part of every human interaction. Just think of parents influencing their children, political or religious leaders influencing their followers, CEOs influencing employees, sales people influencing...

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