Career Advice for College Graduates

May 30 , 2019

Most of the best career advice isn’t learned in school or discussed during formal annual reviews. They’re the priceless nuggets of wisdom you tend to learn through the school of hard knocks instead – sometimes too late. One of the best gifts that seasoned leaders can give to college graduates is...

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How NOT to Introduce Yourself

December 15 , 2014

Networking is one of the most challenging skills you may have to learn in the world of business. It can be an awkward experience, having the attention of a group of strangers focused on you, and trying to make a good first impression.

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Why You Should Listen, Even If Others Don't

November 17 , 2014

The odds are very good that the last person to whom you spoke barely heard anything you said. Don't take it personally - most people just don't listen.

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How To Make Friends With Ambitious People

November 13 , 2014

If you’re trying to take yourself and your life to the next level, it makes a lot of sense to aim higher when it comes to making friends. The right friends will support you emotional and provide practical help along the way.

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Do You Have These 4 Soft-People Skills?

November 03 , 2014

Have you worked with or for a person with a strong leader-type personality? They’re adept in driving for results and measuring performance. They have no issue delivering hard feedback or making tough decisions. At times however, their sharp edge becomes a limitation. They haven’t spent much time...

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Seven Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

May 12 , 2014

We often talk about our ability to remember in terms of its being good or bad: “I have a mind like a sieve,” “He has a photographic memory,” “She works hard, but she just can’t retain what she's learned."

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How to Tackle Something You Have No Idea How to Do

May 08 , 2014

My career has been filled with daunting tasks.

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There's No Getting Around It: Communication Counts

March 20 , 2014

No matter who you talk to or what you read, at the heart of every major issue lies the same problem. As the prison warden in Cool Hand Luke said so well, " What we've got here is ... failure to communicate."

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What it Really Takes to Succeed

March 06 , 2014

The modern marketplace demands that people possess a wide range of skills. But what core qualities are truly essential to career advancement, regardless of industry or job?

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How Influential Are You? Measure It!

February 20 , 2014

It's simple, influence matters. It matters in your job and your private life. In fact, influence is part of every human interaction. Just think of parents influencing their children, political or religious leaders influencing their followers, CEOs influencing employees, sales people influencing...

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