Self-Promotion: The Key to Getting Ahead

People love their causes…those things you believe in so strongly that you’ll passionately advocate for them. My heartfelt cause is my son, who has autism. When he was growing up, I'd move mountains to get him the best treatment and care possible. I wouldn't think twice to ask for an appointment, a referral, a meeting. I was fighting for someone who needed my help…whose voice couldn't be heard above the noise of everyday life that surrounded him.

And yet, I've realized that I don’t often extend that same tenacious drive when it comes to advocating for myself. While I’m confident in my ability to write engaging and informative content, and I’d like to believe I’m exemplary at what I do, (see how I tried to work that bit of self-promotion in there?) saying it out loud can sound…arrogant.

Yet, I realize that short of having a cheerleader standing next to me, broadcasting my accomplishments to anyone who’d listen, (“’K’ is for KNOWLEDGEABLE! ‘A’ is for AWESOME!‘T’ is for TALENTED…) how will anyone consider my value if I don’t champion for myself?

Enter self-promotion. But how do we shamelessly promote ourselves without becoming overly offensive or annoying?

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