The "Fab 5" of Your Work Life

May 29 , 2014

"You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn"

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10 Things Not To Do In An Interview

May 26 , 2014

It’s a potential life-changing event—yet so many people get it wrong. I’m talking about going for an interview for a position you really want; one that could have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life.

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How To Build Relationships Of Trust

May 22 , 2014

Trust is a core ingredient to build successful relationships. Both personal and professional ones. It is a major leadership characteristic. However, you can´t take it for granted. You need to work hard to earn trust and to keep it. 

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8 Things to Do During Your First Month at a New Job

May 19 , 2014

Congratulations, you’ve landed your first full-time job after graduation.

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SPG Honored at “The Best Companies to Work for in New York” Awards 2014

May 14 , 2014

On May 6th, Solomon Page Group was among the firms honored at “The Best Companies to Work for in New York” 2014 Award Dinner in Albany. The program is a partnership between NYS-SHRM, Best Companies Group and The Business Council of New York. This annual event is sponsored by Capital District...

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Seven Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

May 12 , 2014

We often talk about our ability to remember in terms of its being good or bad: “I have a mind like a sieve,” “He has a photographic memory,” “She works hard, but she just can’t retain what she's learned."

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Eight Rules for Success at Work

May 05 , 2014

We desire success at work and a satiating career. But what does it take to get there? In this article, I have jotted down traits that I have always adhered to. These work for me. These generic guidelines transcend industries and will help you too. If widely followed, they will also make the work...

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5 Ways to Give Your Brain a Break Right Now

May 01 , 2014

Hip Silicon Valley tech companies started the growing trend of offering their employees unique perks that seem to encourage stepping away from the desk. Google’s free massages, Twitter’s rock climbing wall, and Dropbox’s gaming tournaments come to mind. Some may dismiss these initiatives as ploys...

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