How to Overcome Perfectionism: 6 Powerful Habits

January 11 , 2016

One of the most common challenges that people email me about – and I myself have had quite a bit of trouble with – is perfectionism.

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Sorry: Work Stress is Just as Bad for You as Secondhand Smoke

December 17 , 2015

It's far from breaking news that stress is bad for you, but new research from the Harvard Business School and Stanford University has outed exactly how damaging it can be to your body and mind, and it's not pretty: Workplace stress is just as harmful to your health as secondhand smoke.

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No More Worry and Stress: Five Effective Strategies

June 25 , 2015

In my last month’s blog, I spoke about happiness and challenged you to take the “happiness challenge.” One of the biggest obstacles to happiness is stress and worry. We all have some stress and worry in our lives. Some stress and worry can be helpful in our daily functioning. However, when stress...

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Time Management: 4 Keys To Avoiding Work-Related Stress

October 23 , 2014

In some workplaces, stress is considered normal. However, excessive stress may negatively affect your productivity and personal health. The way you deal with stress can make a difference. Many people assume that they don’t have any control over their work environment. Yes, you can’t control...

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5 Ways to Give Your Brain a Break Right Now

May 01 , 2014

Hip Silicon Valley tech companies started the growing trend of offering their employees unique perks that seem to encourage stepping away from the desk. Google’s free massages, Twitter’s rock climbing wall, and Dropbox’s gaming tournaments come to mind. Some may dismiss these initiatives as ploys...

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Nine Strategies Successful People Use to Overcome Stress

May 29 , 2013

By Heidi Grant Halvorson | Posted January 16, 2013

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