7 Hacks for Guarding Your Time More Effectively

July 26 , 2021

By Phil Santoro

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4 Ways to Manage a Team Across Time Zones

December 15 , 2020

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How to Make the Most of a Long Weekend

August 30 , 2018

Long weekends are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. So, to spend them in front of the television would be almost criminal.

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How to Work More Efficiently (When You're Unmotivated)

August 13 , 2018

Research shows that kids experience a “summer slump.” When they’re out of school, they’re not actively focused on learning, and their brains check out. But they’re not the only ones susceptible to summer slumps. Adults seem to channel their inner child during the summer, making it hard for them to...

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How To Make To-Do Lists Better, Faster, And More Fun

February 22 , 2016

It's the oldest, simplest, yet probably still the most effective method for making sure you get everything done: the humble to-do list. But is there a way to get more out of your daily check list? We asked the experts: How can we make our to-do lists better, how can we streamline them to get things...

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Sorry: Work Stress is Just as Bad for You as Secondhand Smoke

December 17 , 2015

It's far from breaking news that stress is bad for you, but new research from the Harvard Business School and Stanford University has outed exactly how damaging it can be to your body and mind, and it's not pretty: Workplace stress is just as harmful to your health as secondhand smoke.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Workload From Crushing You

January 12 , 2015

Feeling overwhelmed and overloaded at work? Here's how to take back your time.

So much for 9 to 5. The average full-time salaried employee is now putting in nearly 10 hours a day, according to a recent Gallup poll (up slightly from a weekly average of 47 hours in 2007). Even grimmer: 25% say...

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12 Things Successful People Do Over 3-Day Weekends

August 28 , 2014

We're heading into a holiday weekend — and most successful people have planned out (or at least thought about) what they'll do over the next three days.

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The Importance Of Scheduling Nothing

November 21 , 2013

If you were to see my calendar, you'd probably notice a host of time slots greyed out but with no indication of what's going on. There is no problem with my Outlook or printer. The grey sections reflect "buffers," or time periods I've purposely kept clear of meetings.

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A Remarkably Simple Way To Save Time

November 18 , 2013

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