How to Tell a Great Interview Story

March 24 , 2016

When I diagnose problems clients have with their interview strategy, I often notice they answer interview questions too generally. They attempt to convey their fit for the job by describing the personal attributes they think make them relevant for the position. They explain they are team players,...

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Why You Hate Getting Feedback but Still Need More of It

March 14 , 2016

Early in my career, my boss once came up to me after a client presentation and said, “You put people to sleep.” I was surprised. I’d thought of myself as a good presenter—I was articulate, I avoided filler words, I didn’t read off PowerPoint slides. The feedback irked me—until I began to reassess.

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13 Secrets for Performing Better Under Pressure

March 07 , 2016

Let’s get this out of the way right now: Nobody performs well under pressure. A lot of us think we do, but we don’t, or, at least, we don’t perform as well as we could perform.

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Six Tips for Learning New Skills (and Retaining Them)

March 03 , 2016

A large part of achieving your professional goals is learning new skills, new techniques, new information. All of this is knowledge that you can then apply to your overall growth. I want to share with you what I’ve learned about learning.

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