6 Common Myths Holding You Back at Work

Have you fallen prey to “the way we’ve always done it” at work? Did you know, though, that some of the most common business beliefs are being shattered by new research on how our minds and emotions function?

When you put these myths into practice, you contradict your basic primal nature by denying your emotional needs and disregarding the fundamental wiring of your brain.

So, what should you stop believing? Here are six squashable status quos:

Myth #1: Always stay calm and cool.

Business moves at the speed of light, and problems have become the rule rather than the exception. You will feel stress. When you try to hide your feelings, you don’t fool anyone but yourself. Your subtle facial expressions, body language and other physiological signals will reveal your innermost feelings, whether you want to or not. When people don’t see those completely normal, physiological signals in you, they lose a bit of trust in your authenticity. Worse, you rob yourself of the vital energy you need to solve the very problem that has been causing the stress.

Instead, wear your stress on your sleeve.

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