Why Visionary Minds Like Mark Cuban and Steve Jobs Embrace the Rule of Selective Hearing

December 01 , 2020

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One of Your Employees Is Underperforming. Here’s How to Give Feedback Without Crushing Their Confidence

November 16 , 2020

By Aytekin Tank

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Nine Tips for Offering Feedback to Unsuccessful Job Applicants

October 12 , 2020

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10 Reasons Why Your Feedback Falls on Deaf Ears

February 04 , 2016

Leadership is about developing people, and that includes giving difficult feedback to employees about their performance. Leaders who see corrective feedback as a partnership with their employees and an opportunity to encourage their growth and development reap great rewards in employee...

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Think Grammar Doesn't Matter? It Could Be Holding You Back From a Promotion

May 28 , 2015

Many people think that once they leave school, they don't need to worry about grammar. In the real world, most people will just figure out what you mean ... right?

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Unemployment at 7-Year Low: Much Work to Do

May 18 , 2015

The job market recovered in April after getting roughed up in March. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said 223,000 new jobs were added last month, matching consensus estimates. As it turns out, March was worse than initially reported-only

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When You’re Not The Manager 'Type,’ How Do You Move Up The Corporate Ladder?

February 19 , 2015

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Making Feedback Pay Off

April 07 , 2014

Feedback frightens me. It probably frightens you, too. When we pour intense energy into a project, we don't want blunt opinions of our (supposedly) finished work. We crave pure praise from bosses, colleagues or customers. Even minor criticisms can be hard to take. Harsher responses feel like a kick...

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Why Providing Critical Feedback Can Be A Gift

February 27 , 2014

Rarely are managers, in any field, well prepared to deal with employees who need corrective input. In fact, we’ve heard all too often how the whole idea of being critical strikes a note of "being mean," "acting arrogant," or "hurting someone’s feelings."

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