3 Ways to Make It Easier to Hear Feedback at Work

April 29, 2021

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By Avery Blank

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Many people cringe when they hear the word “feedback.” They think to themselves, “Uh oh, here it comes. What did I do wrong?” Or even worse, “Did I do something that is going to get me fired?” They catastrophize the notion of feedback. Then, when they actually get the feedback, some become defensive or lose confidence in themselves. 

If you have a fixed mindset, feedback can be a demoralizing and draining experience. With a growth mindset, however, feedback can be an exciting opportunity to improve your skills and advance your career. Here are three things to remember about receiving feedback in the workplace:

1. Overcome the connotation that all feedback is negative.

Feedback encompasses strengths and areas for improvement. When going into a review session with your manager, try not to assume that everything is going to be about what you did wrong. Some of the feedback should actually focus on what you do well. Try to keep an open mind going in to the meeting to learn about areas where you are strong. Allow yourself to understand where you excel.

2. Feedback is not about where you are bad but rather where you can be even better.

When your manager focuses on the areas or elements of your work or approaches that can be improved, listen. Areas of improvement are just that; they are areas where you can develop. You may not necessarily be terrible in these areas, but your manager thinks these are areas where you could be even better. Try not to take it as an afront to your character.

3. The person is giving you an opportunity.

Feedback is opportunity. Feedback is your opportunity. It is a gift. Own the gift you have been given to reach your potential and be the best you can be. 

Feedback can be hard to take, especially if you enter the meeting with preconceived notions or assumptions that the person has bad intent. If the person providing the feedback has good intent, you have a chance to grow. They are taking the time and energy to invest in you. Respect them, and invest in yourself. (If you are given negative feedback and believe it is with ill intent, it is okay to be skeptical. Reflect on this feedback as honestly as you can to determine for yourself whether it is an area to work on.)

Feedback is your chance to better yourself. Not all feedback is negative. Feedback is not necessarily about being bad at something but rather where you can be even better. The person giving the feedback is giving you an opportunity. Use this opportunity to grow and advance your career.

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