The Four Qs of Career Success

February 13, 2014

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The National Center for Education Statistics estimates there are 1,791,000 bachelor degree graduates in the class of 2013, many of whom will be entering the job market for the first time. At PwC, we will hire more than 7,000 new associates and interns this year. And this month we will promote 5,400 of our people to the next level. As these professionals launch or accelerate their careers, I’m frequently asked what it takes to be successful.

Once upon a time, I may have said it simply comes down to hard work (sprinkled with a bit of luck and sponsorship). It’s what my parents drilled into me from an early age. While I’ve certainly worked hard over the course of my 28-year career, hard work, it turns out, was just a small part of the equation. I attribute success to the development of these four attributes.

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