Are You A Creative Thinker?

October 27 , 2014

We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution– Bill Hicks

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7 Habits of Highly Likeable People

September 22 , 2014

Everyone wants to be well-liked; it’s in our nature as people. But it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes us more likeable. Is it a magic charisma that attracts people to us? Or maybe being outgoing and friendly? Or having an agreeable personality that doesn’t put people off?

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Why Being TOO Humble Is A Bad Thing

September 18 , 2014

No one likes a show-off. Arrogance can push people away and make it difficult for others to like you. Having confidence is important to have, but being cocky can definitely get beneath people's skin.

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Your Kindness Will Lead You to Success

August 04 , 2014

I am not impressed by someone's ability to intimidate, cajole, persuade, manipulate, overpower or overwhelm others. No, what impresses me most are the people who have the ability to do these things, but who choose instead to let kindness lead them to success.

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Are you a dud in meetings?

July 14 , 2014

For too many years to be proud of I just didn’t know how to perform in the strange beast known as ‘the meeting’. What I did notice, though, whether right or wrong, fair or not, was that performance in meetings appeared to be a proxy for career progression. Even at the very least, it was a factor...

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The 5 Qualities of Successful Young Leaders

July 03 , 2014

The best way to become an effective leader is to disregard it as a goal and instead focus on a learning journey that combines formal experiences in a workplace with selective experiences of your own making.

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Change from the Inside Out

March 24 , 2014

Is change coming at you from the outside in, or the inside out? My experience in working with top leaders from business, government and education on five different continents is that the majority of change comes to us from the outside in. For example, when a new law is passed, we have to make...

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9 Qualities Of Truly Confident People

February 06 , 2014

First things first: Confidence is not bravado, or swagger, or an overt pretense of bravery. Confidence is not some bold or brash air of self-belief directed at others.

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Are You A Hill-Finder Or A Hill-Taker?

January 30 , 2014

It's always exciting to hire someone who's talented and a good culture fit. But in my experience, it's easy to conflate that exciting person person's skill (and, importantly, passion) in planning and strategizing with his or her ability to execute an established mission. Especially from just a...

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There Are So Many Ways To Be Smart

December 05 , 2013

During a continuing ed course when I was an equity analyst at Merrill Lynch, the instructor observed, “You’re really good at math.”

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