Are you a dud in meetings?

For too many years to be proud of I just didn’t know how to perform in the strange beast known as ‘the meeting’. What I did notice, though, whether right or wrong, fair or not, was that performance in meetings appeared to be a proxy for career progression. Even at the very least, it was a factor relevant to promotion. 

It makes sense when you think about it. Meetings are a common stage where, more often than not, you are on show in front of colleagues from multiple departments and seniorities. Your ability to effectively communicate is judged. You can either fill your colleagues with confidence in you, or drain it. So, leaving a consistent positive impression in meetings is a key factor in building and maintaining a positive reputation. 

I understood this as a young professional, but it still took me many years and mistakes to master it. Ironically, now as the most senior person in my organisation’s meetings, I see younger colleagues trying as hard as I once did to make that positive mark. It reinforces that I should discuss the five core behaviors I have come to understand make people more effective in meetings. 

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