7 Ways To Prepare For Your Next Networking Event

August 18 , 2014

Have you ever gone to a networking event, met a lot of people, and then nothing ever resulted from it? This is a common situation, but when you are seeking to advance your career, you absolutely cannot afford to not take full advantage of networking opportunities. A study by the outplacement firm...

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Networking Rules for Job-seekers: the Good, the Bad and the Almost Perfect

September 19 , 2013

Networking is about meeting people you know who can vouch for your past performance and connect you with people you don't know.


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The Basics of Power Networking

August 08 , 2013

Changes in life are inevitable. Through networking you never know who you will meet, how you will meet them or where these connections may take you … Tara Thurber, Recruiter, Solomon Page Creative and Marketing

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LinkedIn: How It's Changing Business (and How to Make It Work For You)

June 25 , 2013

Shortly after Sallie Krawcheck got pushed out of Bank of America, the high-profile banker found herself in need of a professional makeover. As she tried to figure out what to do next, she wrote a few newspaper opinion pieces to build her reputation. She didn't get much response. When she published...

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