The Basics of Power Networking

August 08, 2013

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Changes in life are inevitable. Through networking you never know who you will meet, how you will meet them or where these connections may take you … Tara Thurber, Recruiter, Solomon Page Creative and Marketing

Two years ago Fortune magazine identified Adam Rifkin as the best networker on LinkedIn. Since then, every day people ask him about things he's learned about networking on Twitter, PandaWhale, and in real life.

He learned networking from many excellent teachers, and the greatest of these teachers was actually the Internet itself. The top three lessons of Internet computer networking serve as valuable lessons for human networking, too:

  1. Networks add value by getting bigger
  2. Networks add value by being used more
  3. Networks add value by being fault tolerant


Let's briefly explore each of these points, with some tactical advice on how to apply them.

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