Can You Be Patient?

December 11 , 2014

By nature, I am not a patient person. Put me in a long line, and my skin crawls. But it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that impatience is the enemy of nearly everything I hold dear.

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How To Stay Focused In A Distracting Workplace

November 14 , 2014

If you’re struggling to concentrate in a crowded office, there are a few simple things you can do to weed out distractions and get back to your work.

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Don't Give Up!

August 07 , 2014

Life is hard.

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Seven Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

May 12 , 2014

We often talk about our ability to remember in terms of its being good or bad: “I have a mind like a sieve,” “He has a photographic memory,” “She works hard, but she just can’t retain what she's learned."

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5 Ways to Give Your Brain a Break Right Now

May 01 , 2014

Hip Silicon Valley tech companies started the growing trend of offering their employees unique perks that seem to encourage stepping away from the desk. Google’s free massages, Twitter’s rock climbing wall, and Dropbox’s gaming tournaments come to mind. Some may dismiss these initiatives as ploys...

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Breaking Through The Wall

February 10 , 2014

Do you hit the wall at work? You know, that feeling at maybe 3pm where you feel almost frozen from your head to your toes, unable to focus, mind and body wanting to stop or scurry to a diversion of any kind. From art to athletics, from the studio to the office, hitting the wall happens to all of...

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Focus On How You Connect

November 14 , 2013

We’re not going to eliminate technology from our lives anytime soon. Nor should we. Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever. But they also expand our spectrum of attention. In this instance, too much of a good...

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The Internet and Employee Productivity

October 31 , 2013

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The Two Biggest Distractions – And What to Do About Them

September 12 , 2013

Distractions are the enemy of focus. Being able to keep your focus amidst the daily din of distraction makes you better able to use whatever talents you need to apply – whether making a business plan or a cheese soufflé. The more prone to distraction, the worse we do.

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