How To Stay Focused In A Distracting Workplace

If you’re struggling to concentrate in a crowded office, there are a few simple things you can do to weed out distractions and get back to your work.

Co-workers, social media, and even your own anxiety can be overwhelming, but they shouldn’t keep you from your work. These five tips on how to stay focused in a distracting workplace will help you to draw boundaries with your co-workers, turn off Twitter, and silence your inner procrastinator.

1. Wear Earphones Or Earplugs


One of the easiest and most direct ways to tune out ambient noise and idle chitchat is to block up your ears. Earplugs will cheaply and easily muffle your co-workers voices, not to mention the copier, the shredder, and the speakerphone in the next cube. Music also helps some people to focus, although finding the right song for your mood can become a distraction in itself. Many people find that instrumental music works best.

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