8 Tips to Be the Most Memorable Person in the Room

February 29, 2016

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Everyone recognizes the importance of expanding your network. What rarely gets said is that meeting people is only really valuable if they remember you. What’s the point of chatting with that high-profile investor or awesome potential hire at an event, if all the person thinks when you get in touch later is “who?”

The coolest and most in-demand people get a lot of introductions. So how do you stand out from this crowd without being creepy or gimmicky? Experts have a host of clever tricks to offer:

1. Go niche
Several experts note that being more specific when you talk about what you do will make you more memorable. “Most people say, ‘I do legal work’ or ‘I help people with the accounting’ or ‘I set up computer systems,’ says author Mike Michalowicz on Open Forum. “Aspire to be ‘the guy’ for a niche category in your industry. So instead of doing computers or even being ‘the computer guy,’ be the ‘stable computers guy.'” Assumedly, this works for gals as well.

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