7 Tips for Better Workplace Body Language

No matter how hard you work to gain respect at your workplace, seriously unprofessional body language can send much of your hard work out the window. In fact, in face-to-face communication, research shows that your words account for only 7% percent of your interaction — 38% is in your tone of voice, and 55% is in your nonverbal cues, or body language.

To help you succeed at work, we've compiled seven body language rules to keep in mind as you interact with coworkers, your boss, or external contacts.

1. Keep Your Facial Expressions in Check

Facial expressions speak louder than words. If you're engaged in a conversation but your facial expression is bored, angry, or confused, it's noticeable. Don't be rude — make sure your face is expressing a degree of professionalism. Don't be someone you're not, but make sure you understand the delicate balance between work and emotion.

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