5 Myths Debunked About Temporary Jobs

February 02, 2015

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Despite its growing popularity, there are still some misconceptions about temporary jobs. The bottom line is that you should choose a job that suits you and your career needs. Don’t base your decisions on outdated myths.

Myth #1: Temporary jobs are mainly for administrative roles or low-level work.While it’s true that decades ago temporary staffing began with administrative and light industrial roles, today temporary jobs are found in a very wide range of industries and professions. For instance, a company that is going through a public offering may have a need to take on finance experts for a period of time. The work is not low-level at all, but is temporary by nature. Another company may be going through a hiring burst as a result of a move into a new area and wants to bring on HR professionals to help them through the transition. The work is temporary because it ends once the project is complete.

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