Stop Being So Nice & Start Being More Real

People are obsessed with happiness and "positive thinking". They want to be happy all the time and often delude themselves into thinking that "its all good", even when it's not. They somehow believe that labeling things as positive can make them positive. However, just thinking that everything is wonderful does not make it so. That’s not being positive, it’s being delusional!

How can everything in the world be wonderful? Some things are bad. Some people cannot be motivated to do anything useful. Some people are evil. There is corruption, poverty, murder, dysfunctional politics, pollution, etc. The real world is full of both good and bad things. No amount of positive labeling or dreaming will change this fact.

While real happiness is a desirable human emotion, living in denial of problems that must be addressed prevents improvements and innovation. In other words, if you convince yourself that everything is great, why change anything? It's already great! Why allow yourself to see problems, they will detract from your happy state?

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