4 Simple Steps To A Happier, Heartier Mind at work

Are you a busy bee but don't feel you're flying high? Frantic activity doesn't always feel good or work great. Here are four simple steps that help me in moving to a calmer, more productive and happier state of mind at work.

1. Know what you’re doing before you worry about how you’ll do it.

We jump to thoughts of implementation so often in our work, and that tendency creates several problems. We may not know exactly what we’re implementing, why we’re implementing it or how much is possible. By skipping ahead to the details, we begin work that may not make sense—and we unnecessarily constrain ourselves. Be mindful about each idea you’re pursuing and determine its larger purpose before running forward with activities. It’s not about what you’re doing but why you’re doing it.

2. Act with the right kind of urgency.

I'm at my best when I think of urgency as fire in the belly for a clear aim. Urgency is not panic. It's not driven only by crisis. And it's not rushing. In fact, it might require you to slow down long enough in your day to rest your mind and think straight since clutter and fatigue undermine productive urgency. Which brings me to...

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