17 Things Really Successful People Never Stop Doing (Ever)

Think of the most successful person you know. Maybe we’re talking about a work colleague or a mentor. Maybe this is someone you knew growing up or in school--and you can’t believe how much he or she has achieved since then.

I have no idea what this person looks like or what kind of business he or she is in or whether he or she defines success by a balance sheet or a full and fulfilling life. But I’ll bet I can tell you a lot about this person, because I can identify his or her good habits. There are simply a number of things that almost all really successful people do every day, and that others simply quit when they get too hard or inconvenient.

Let me know how close I am to the mark here. (Seriously, let me know.) I’ll bet that the highly successful person you’re thinking of is always…

1. …Laughing
There are times to be serious--many times, in fact. But successful people understand there is humor to be found in nearly any situation. As H.G. Wells put it, “The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.”

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