V12 Group Identifies Top 5 Trends Driving Marketing Efforts in 2015

Predictions for the New Year always carry lofty expectations, but despite what we were led to believe by Back to the Future Part II, 2015 does not hold the promise of a hover board for every child, flying cars, nor self-drying clothing. It does, however, promise the next era in marketing, one where the on and off switches of business and commerce have merely been replaced by highs and lows.

The rise of the ever-connected consumer will make “always-on marketing” the predominant trend of 2015. It’s more critical than ever that companies of all sizes have the ability to acquire and retain today’s digitally savvy customers at all times and on all channels. As more platforms become available, automation will become a fundamental marketing pillar for SMBs looking to compete. Using automation, triggers, and scheduling tools, companies can drive meaningful experiences and ultimately achieve always-on marketing delivered across all channels in real time. Consumers are never shutting down, and businesses are up for the challenge.

While this is just the beginning of what businesses need to know about marketing technology in 2015, here are five trends that we expect to dominate the marketing space in the next 12 months.

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