Put Your Game Face On

How often have you been sitting in a meeting and silently disagreed with an idea, yet everyone seemed to know what you were thinking?


Most likely, your body language gave you away. A very powerful medium of communication, body cues such as a slight frown or poor eye contact can tell people worlds about what we think or feel. As a leader, you’ve got to be aware of the power behind these messages and zero in on what your body cues might be disclosing to others. You might be surprised to discover the degree to which they’re impacting your ability to relate to others, build relationships, and lead effectively. Build awareness around this behavior and take steps to address anything that might be undermining your true intentions, building communication barriers, or reflecting other emotions, such as fear, that could sabotage your ability to lead.

Many people aren’t fully aware of what their non-verbal habits are, how they regularly affect others, and the extent to which they do make an impact. But in business, it’s really important to understand how non-verbal communication is just as, if not more, impactful as verbal communication. One of the most widely cited studies on the importance of verbal versus nonverbal messages shows that up to55% of communication effectiveness is visual in the form of facial expressions and body language in general. Body language doesn’t lie and can make or break what and how well you communicate to others.

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