5 Reasons to 'WHY' say ‘NO’

Are you over-stressed, over-scheduled and under-delivering be it at work or home? The reason is not you, but your attitude of saying ‘YES’ to everything that comes your way.

There are many read on how to gracefully say positive ‘NO’ but - ‘WHY’ say ‘NO’?

Former British prime minister, Tony Blair put it, “The art of leadership is not saying Yes, it’s saying No.”

Being an entrepreneur, it is really hard to say ‘NO’ to what comes your way. Especially if you are self funded and you are looking at means to earn for yourself or for the organization. While there may be dearth of qualified resources to delivery or may not be your competency, many of the opportunities you will feel are a natural extension of your business and can value add. You tend to get into unchartered territory (yours) and get boggled in it while your original business / vision / focus is suffering.

No is the key to defining your strategic focus and every important Yes therefore may require a thousand Nos.

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