Can You Be Ambitious AND A Team Player?

Any manager or chief executive will tell you that the key to success in business is the people you have working for you. I have said before that ambitious firms will look to attract like-minded individuals, and if you have people like this on your staff then your business will benefit.

But it also stands to reason that if you really want to be working at your full potential you need to have your staff all pulling in the same direction. Teamwork is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success and it is the job of a good manager to foster and build that sense of unity.

If you're looking to take on bright, driven and ambitious people then there is an argument that what you are effectively is doing is creating problems for yourself as a manager. By its very nature, ambition can lead to competition and people putting themselves first. However competition isn't necessarily a bad thing, and sometimes setting targets and challenges can be a great motivator.

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