Three Ways to Turn Your Ideas into Action

September 11, 2014

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The difference between a great idea and a spectacular innovation can be summarized in one word: action. Unless you take action to implement your ideas, they are little more than wasted potential. To help you turn your ideas into action, here are three simple but proven principles:

Keep it simple: The best ideas are so insanely simple, you feel like an absolute idiot for not thinking of them earlier. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all simple ideas. So is microcredit, which we used to call loaning someone a few bucks.

If you need three pages to describe your idea, and 30 more to "prove" it will work, it won't.

Consider the first human who thought, "What if we could start a fire without waiting for lightning to strike?" Think about how the world's greatest invention ended up in the form of matchbooks that are often given away for free. Simple and powerful ideas spread like, no pun intended, wildfires.

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