The Surprising Truth About the Perfect Brainstorm

May 11 , 2015

My article on brainstorming sessions that make people crazy generated a lot of requests for tips to make brainstorming effective. If you follow this guide, not only will you save the sanity of your team, you may also produce some innovative new ideas that could catapult your company. Here are seven...

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It's Never Too Late (or Early) to Set Goals

April 09 , 2015

This past weekend my wife was cleaning out some boxes she had received from her parents full of school projects from elementary school. Included was a timeline she drew up in 5th grade and after inspection, she came eerily close to achieving every goal she had set out for herself over 15 years ago....

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Millennials Want You to Get to the Point

March 23 , 2015

"5 reasons" this, "14 ways" that, "23 times when"... It's how millennials consume information today, mircomedia, and I have to say I am as guilty as the next guy. It's a race to get to the point.

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Three Ways to Turn Your Ideas into Action

September 11 , 2014

The difference between a great idea and a spectacular innovation can be summarized in one word: action. Unless you take action to implement your ideas, they are little more than wasted potential. To help you turn your ideas into action, here are three simple but proven principles:

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