5 Tactics to Use When You Are Really Stuck

We all get stuck from time to time. A mental block, a change in plans or the proverbial brick wall. Dealing with such impasses is challenging and can create periods of stress and low productivity. They are nothing to be ashamed of and in fact we often find that when we overcome these sorts of issues we are rewarded with valuable skills and experience that benefit us from that point on.

In this post I'd like to share a few methods I use that can help you deal with these sorts of scenarios. Not all are applicable on every occasion, but hopefully there are at least a couple that can be applied to a particular situation.

1. Retreat, regroup and redeploy

The first option is to set the issue aside and return to it another day. Sometimes a short break to clear your mind can help. Sometimes you might need to sleep on it. The aim is to give your mind chance to discard the irrelevant information that can cloud your thought processes and to give yourself chance to organise what is relevant.

Our subconscious is also a great help if we can give it enough time to work on an issue. How often have you come up with a solution to something in the middle of the night or whilst you were having a shower.

Giving ourselves permission to come back and resolve our problems later can pay dividends.

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