Should I Stay or Should I Go?

July 31, 2013

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Chintan Vora, VP of Technical Staffing, Solomon Page Group

Different isn't always better. Different can be a game changer. When you’re thinking about changing employment, it’s not the time to flip a coin.

The best preparation for making this kind of decision should take place when a new job isn't even on your horizon. Identify your goals and outline a plan on how to achieve them. Reconcile the gaps between where you are at this point in time, your vision of what you would like to accomplish next and what you ultimately want to achieve. And this part is important - for each step along the way understand your motivation for the goals you've set.  Are you looking for more money, greater responsibility, to work in a more challenging environment, stronger leadership, greater support, or maybe more opportunity to think and create?

Faced with a legitimate opportunity that requires a decision, already understanding what you want from change will help you be objective. Compare your motivating factors against the goals you've set for yourself. Will the change you are contemplating help you achieve your goals or just provide a change of scenery? Have you exhausted the possibilities for growth in your current situation? Is leaving your comfort zone to challenge your abilities and move to the next level long overdue? Having a game plan for what you want to achieve and the kinds of transitions that will satisfy your goals will let you make a confident decision.