Webinar Recap: Enhancing HR Through AI-Driven Strategies

February 13, 2024

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On Wednesday, February 7th, Solomon Page hosted a webinar, Enhancing HR Through AI-Driven Strategies. The webinar was moderated by Senior Vice President of Human Resources Temp Lynda Fraser, and featured thought leader Theresa Fesinstine, founder of peoplepower.ai, a company that specializes in helping organizations utilize AI tools to streamline and enhance HR processes.  

Dispelling misconceptions, examining current applications, and envisioning the future of technology, this informative conversation served as an entry point into comprehending Generative AI. Influencing many aspects and processes within HR, Theresa demonstrated how AI can maximize time and generate greater efficiency. Often misjudged as destructive, AI is just the latest in a line of technological advances, from the printing press to the Industrial Revolution to the internet, with potential to enhance our personal and professional lives. As Theresa said, “The introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the workplace is, at its core, a ‘people’ opportunity. That’s why people leaders should be playing a central leadership role in AI’s adoption.”  

Interested in diving deeper into the topics discussed? Let’s recap: 

What are the types of AI and Language Models? 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Computer simulation of human intelligence and decision-making. 
  • Machine Learning Models (MLM): Algorithms that enable machines to improve predictive accuracy. 
  • Large Language Models (LLM): AI models trained on massive datasets to generate human-like language. 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Field focused on computers understanding and generating natural human language. 

By leveraging large datasets and computational power, AI can simulate intelligence for a range of applications from language to vision and beyond. Understanding key terminology helps build knowledge of AI's capabilities and limitations. 

What can Generative AI create for me?  

Generative AI has many capabilities, all of which can assist with daily tasks across industries and roles. It can develop strategies, tactics, rules, and reinforce learning models that can support business processes and address unforeseen situations. Generative AI also has the power to create audio and visual designs including process flows, 3D models, images, and schematics. It can support programming and data needs by writing code, generating training data, testing that data, and synthesizing new assets. Additionally, Generative AI excels at natural language processing. In a business setting, this includes content such as job descriptions, summaries, sales pitches, and other marketing collateral. While there are endless opportunities to incorporate Generative AI into the workplace, utilizing Generative AI to learn business logic and create strategies, produce designs, interpret data, and generate natural language content can quickly boost productivity within HR and all other business functions. 

What popular Generative AI Tools should I experiment with?  

What are some best practices?  

  • Be mindful of what you share: avoid using specific names like clients, company names, or your own. 
  • Iterate and refine: ask for multiple versions from AI before finalizing. 
  • Regularly review output: always check for clarity, tone, and accuracy. AI should support, not replace, human review.
  • Include human review: only a person can apply a personal touch.
  • Have a strategy: be thoughtful in how you leverage AI to enhance your process in the most effective way. Develop guidelines for use. 

The key is using AI as a tool, while still prioritizing the human element. Avoid over-reliance on AI by incorporating human checks, iterating drafts, and establishing prudent usage policies. With the right framework, AI can augment human capabilities for better outcomes, but human oversight is crucial. 

Thank you to Theresa and all attendees who made the event memorable. If you were unable to attend or would like to view the recording, visit: Enhancing HR Through AI-Driven Strategies Webinar Recording.

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