What Type of Job Hopper Are You?

I confess: I'm a job-hopper. Just a glance at my resume gives it away... one year each at my first two jobs, five years at my third job, 20 months at my fourth job, one year at my fifth job, three-and-a-half years at my sixth job... I could go on, but you get the picture. I am on my ninth job in 15 years.

That's one reason a recent story by Bryan Borzykowski for BBC Capital (that's the site I edit now, in job number nine) really caught my eye. It asked: Are you job hopping to nowhere? I was afraid to find out the answer.

Job-hopping, that is, moving from company to company every two years or so, is becoming more common. And with that commonality, some of the stigma associated with not staying one place very long is also fading--sometimes. And that's the key. I have found that the circumstances around moving from job to job matter far more than longevity at a prior employer.

So, what kind of job-hopper are you?

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