Big Or Little: What Kind Of Career Do You Want?

Do you want a big or little career? It’s time to decide.

A big career is bold, exciting and rewarding. It has tumultuous moments, yes, but along with the precarious days and months come many others that exceed your most wildly optimistic dreams.

A little career is safe, undemanding and predictable. You will sleep well at night, knowing that tomorrow will be almost exactly the same as yesterday and 1,000 yesterdays before.

When I ask the question like this – big or little? – many people are tempted to answer: big. In our culture, big is better.

But in reality, most people go to work each day and act as though they prefer: little.

Of course, you may not think of your career aspirations as: little. But when faced with a choice between leading a high visibility charge or playing it safe by putting your head down and doing your job, you may put your head down.

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