5 Ways Smart Leaders Brilliantly Motivate

Countless studies exist on what motivates performance or behavior. Some social scientists have made this topic their life's work, and business experts claim motivation is the game changer of any successful enterprise.

I agree. Smart leaders know their way around motivation, and leverage this powerful skill to catapult their people to their highest potential. While they're putting wind in their employees' sails to get them unstuck or forge them forward, they're also earning trust, loyalty and commitment.

The more we're motivated, the more we will do and endure in the pursuit of our goals - or even our leader's goals. These days, in our highly turbulent world of work, this could not be more critical. And isn't just about having your employees ready to jump the hurdles and follow you through the fire. Leaders who know how to tap the sweet spots of the team receive an intrinsic reward. They gain the satisfaction of seeing their people happy and fulfilled. With truly motivating leadership, the individual, team, leader and organization all win.

So, what are some top ways smart leaders motivate brilliantly?

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