3 Rules For Following Up With A Recruiter

September 05, 2013

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This is a great article describing the best approach for candidates to stay in touch with recruiters.  As much as candidates are eager to find a new job, recruiters are just as eager to assist you with your search.  It is in the candidate's best interest to send an email to a recruiter every few weeks in order to stay on his/her radar than it is to call every day.

Kevin Gilligan, Managing Director, Solomon Page Accounting & Finance

You've been stood up.

You applied to a position, confirmed your resume was received, and got the wink and the gun from the recruiter that your application looked good. So you’re popping your collar, thinking you’re in like Flynn, waiting for the hiring manager to call to schedule an interview.

But a couple of weeks have gone by, and you've got nothing but radio silence and the sound of your employment biological clock occupying your thoughts. Tick. Tock.

So, what’s a neglected job seeker to do? You’re still interested, but you aren't quite certain how to break the silence without being awkward.

This recruiter’s advice: Go ahead and follow up. Just make sure to use your professional common sense and avoid reacting to your feelings of job search angst. With that in mind, here are a few recruiter-friendly suggestions for following up on your applications.

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