6 Ways to Overcome Your Inner Control Freak and Begin Delegating

Multi-tasking is a great skill but with ever increasing competition, it is all too easy to take on too much. A study published in the Harvard Business Review, found 41 percent of workers spent time on discretionary activities that offer little personal satisfaction and could be handled competently by others. Letting go of that responsibility can be challenging, especially when the task has a significant financial impact on your business.

Here are six ways to delegate more now.
1. Allow people to choose their tasks.
Handing over tasks can be difficult from a managerial perspective because, to complete a task well, there needs to be a sense of ownership. Everyone likes to control what they are working on, while being handed someone else’s task can cause frustration. One way to avoid this is to offer people a choice between two or three tasks. That way what they are working on is more under their control. You have less on your plate regardless of what they choose.

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