4 Steps to Get to Success by Destroying Your Inner Critic

Have you ever remained silent in a meeting because you were afraid of saying something stupid or have you ever talked a lot in a meeting without really saying anything because you were afraid of being irrelevant? Do you know who made you do that? Well, I have a pretty good guess at who was responsible for this. We all have inside ourselves a little devil called the inner critic. This little demon can be an occasional mild annoyance or a raging lunatic depending on your past experiences.

Self worth and self confidence are two different things. You can be high functioning and successful and still have no love for yourself. When it comes to self esteem its either you or the critic and if you want to be happy you need to blow this little stinker to bits. Below are some tips on how you can come out of this battle on top.

Observe how much of YOU dares to show up around others:

  • When someone offends you, do you tell them? Do you feel guilty if you tell them?
  • Do you ever pretend to be like someone else or agree with them needlessly so that they like you?

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