Alright Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

September 15, 2014

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Perhaps the best advice one can glean from a Vanilla Ice song are the words of this article's title... Leaders today, more than ever before, must be willing to regularly stop what they're doing and be collaborative. Far too often leaders assume that the direction they set is the best (or only) path forward. The ever growing number of millennial team members at all levels of organizations requires a growing openness to listen to their feedback and collaborate on decision making. Though hard to admit for some, this approach will also yield the greatest results for growth of your business and your people.

Tips for Effective Collaboration:

1. Invert the pyramid - if you're at the top of your organizational or departmental structure, turn the manpower chart upside down and give yourself the least amount of say. Go to the largest group (now at the top) and ask them how they would make the decision. Have an open and honest dialogue weighing out pros and cons. Chances are they will arrive at a similar direction to what you would have plotted. If not, their recommendation may very well be better.

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