The "Three Client" Perspective

May 09, 2013

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For more than 22 years, one of Solomon Page Group's fundamental philosophies has been a meaningful component of our ongoing success as a leading provider of staffing solutions: honoring our commitments to our three most important "clients". The Big Three are our corporate clients, our candidates and our employees.

Our corporate clients provide us with the opportunity to deliver a broad range of flexible staffing services on a consistent basis and the ability to build long term mutually beneficial relationships based upon trust, respect and results. We treat our candidates as clients with that same investment and loyalty which enables us to continue these relationships over time. In fact, many people we have first known as candidates ultimately become corporate clients. Our third client group, our employees, receives our ongoing attention and support, as well as the tools and infrastructure to help them be successful in our entrepreneurial, collaborative culture. They are equally important to this winning business equation as their expertise, experience and individual contributions are essential to our goal of providing the highest possible caliber of talent and resources under one coherent brand standard.

Lloyd Solomon (a Founder and Managing Director of SPG) has said that "The most successful relationships exist when all parties feel their needs are being met. We strive to exceed rather than meet that expectation and continually look for new ways to improve our performance and relationships."

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