Simple Ways to Stretch Out Your Summer Vacation

August 18, 2016

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Recently, my boyfriend and I completed a one-week road trip from the California Redwoods to Portland, Oregon. When I returned to work and everyone asked how my trip was, rather than responding with the typical “Too fast,” I responded that it was great.
Lazy, hazy days these were not. We did so much, saw so much, and oh my goodness, ate so much: homemade posole under the stars with friends in Sonoma, fresh-caught Dungeness crabs on the Oregon coast, Roman-style pizza in Portland, and an unhealthy amount of beef jerky on the road. We hiked, swam, paddled, and laughed between mountains, lakes, and beaches.
It felt satisfying, eye-opening, and varied. And it felt long.

According to Marc Wittmann, a psychologist and the author of Felt Time: The Psychology of How We Perceive Time, I was experiencing what he calls “the classic holiday effect.”

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